what is a male today?

a: deček z bleščicami na jajčkih.

t: we do a lot of gambling in our language, as if we’d live in Las Vegas. you ask me “what is a male today”. well, i’d say “King of Diamonds”. as i can’t expect what you hold against me, the safest bet would be “Joker”. humor and joking make a healthy path through the era of serious masks.


what is a female today?

a: iskalka razbitih bližin.

t: now you ask me for another bet, as if there is a difference. and you reveal your control over sameness behind these differences – today. this is something that we build together, sort of a social sculpture, but rather a system of its constant reconstruction and update.


what is feminismus today?

a: ritmizirano postavljanje nekakšnih plotov narejenih iz udarcev časa: vsi smo ženske…vsi obstanemo v jeziku… nevidni smo.

t: feminismus means struggle against the monopolized system of creating difference and sameness. and against the system of force. feminismus means struggle against the Casino.


where does technology and computer come in all of that?

a: fantastika in mitologija si morata podati roke. Tehnologija osvobaja žensko in namesto nje rojeva razspolnega človeka mačjeglavca.

t: the sources of technology and computer are located in language. it is the way how language and our senses are transformed and thereby expropriated. but that is not enough for the Casino. it needs fuel, our willpower. it comes from our desires and fears, therefore it is linked with our physical bodies, especially genitals. and there are mostly two main types of genitals available.


body between us, nature, technology and culture?

a: svoje telo mislim v kamnu. Zatekam se v prvobit onkraj nenehnega odzvanjanja minljivosti. Silovitost tehnologije in razpadajočnost kulture tamkaj nimata mesta. Narava je kruta, človek njen okruten otrok.

t: yes, it is the human world, made of bodies, not trees or stones. i like to think of it as a temporary, marginal world. even if it dominates the planet and maybe has the task to turn the Earth similar to other planets in the solar system. in that case the human world is just a vehicle that must deliver an inorganic body, неживая природа to the universe. and now we’re reaching the point, where we’d say that human nature might be inorganic. our souls are the cold vacuum that surrounds cosmic stones.